Kenrail Towers.

Kenrail Towers
Welcome to Kenrail Towers, a state-of-the-art business centre with iconic architectural features situated at the heart of Westlands off Ring Road. Kenrail Towers re-defines the Westlands skyline; offering buyers, tenants and visitors alike, a new, state of the art lifestyle. The Kenrail Towers is located near key social amenities like shopping malls (Sarit Centre & Westgate), schools, colleges, residential and hospitals.

Unique Designs

The design of the building announces the illusion of a modern high speed train. Two imposing ten floor towers stand elegantly and overlook the hub of the Westlands business district.
The two towers sit on a grand terrace above two floors of retail mezzanine space and a two-level basement parking.

Retail Space

A shopper’s paradise, the retail floors are elegantly designed to give you good lighting and air circulation. The shops and walkways are spacious. Visitors enjoy world class shopping outlets and branded food courts as well as e-savvy information desks, a duty free shop, supermarkets and art galleries.
The building is a great entertainment spot for everyone and incorporates modern games facilities, children’s play area, easy walkways and reading spots.
Visitors to the building will be treated to a secure, modern and well ventilated area. Kenrail Towers is an ideal “hang out” location for the youth, family outings, and a meeting point for serious businessmen.
Office Space

Given the time spent in your office, you want to enjoy the time you spend in it, as much as you do your home! Kenrail Towers provides an easy working environment for medium to large size organizations.
The facility is fitted with state of the art lifts, one way glass on windows, large terraces and executive finishes. Access will only be for the office user. You will also enjoy internet and Wi-Fi connectivity. Parking for tenants and visitors is adequate in the 2 level basement parking.

  • CCTV cameras on every floor
  • Standby generator
  • Borehole
  • Electric fence
  • 24 Hr Security surveillance
  • One way window glasses
  • Children’s play area
  • Food Courts
  • Library
  • Lounges
  • Art Gallery
  • Escalators and Lifts
  • General lobby area on each floor with wash-room facilities and common kitchen area.
  • Large walk ways with information kiosk on the ground floor.
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